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Viogard takes advantage of nature’s mechanisms for a sustainable future.

The company’s first area of activity is to improve the conditions for the marine environment.

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The Problem: The shipping industry suffers from submerged surfaces becoming settling ground for acorns and other organisms which reduces vessel velocity and increases costs and exhausts. Existing solutions on the market are based on toxic, metal-based additives in paints which, while partly solving the anti-fouling problem, cause serious damage to the environment through emissions to the surrounding water. Some of the toxic compounds that have been used are banned today, e.g. tin (TBTO) by regulation of IMO. There is in the Baltic Sea a ban on copper-based products as well, which KEMI considers should be extended also to zinc-based products.


The Solution: Our solution builds on nature’s own mechanisms of protection against marine fouling and is the result of interdisciplinary research at the University of Uppsala, The Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences at Tjärnö (former Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory) and Karolinska Institutet. The reversibility of these mechanisms is a substantial advantage, since it protects the environment. Our research has identified a number of substances which prevents fouling of marine organisms and field tests have shown very promising results. Viogard has also developed techniques for the production of the active compounds.



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